Umbrellas & Rainwear
Folding (2 fold) Umbrella

This is the most common popular umbrella product. It is a most economical & cost-effective umbrella widely used for promotion.Government supplies This is known as scheme umbrellas,mass sale umbrella, ladies umbrella,gents umbrella, corporate umbrella, consumer gifting umbrella, dealers gifting umbrella, rainy umbrella, 2 fold umbrella, folding umbrella, doctor umbrella, polyester umbrella, nylon umbrella. We have given lacs of pieces of these umbrellas till date to Vodafone, Castrol,Government supplier, Airlines company for their promotional activities. These are very cost-effective umbrellas and therefore used in big numbers in company scheme. The sizes available are 21”,23”, 24.5” (also known as jumbo umbrella).The cloth used are polyester and nylon.
3 Fold Umbrellas

This is the latest developed product . It is mainly designed for people to use as a handy umbrella . It can be kept in lady purse ,office bags,etc. This is available in hand open style,automatic or button open style and the most newly developed is the “ Auto Open Auto Close Style”. It is most popular in metro cities where it is a crowded place. It is commonly known as “3 fold umbrella”,mini umbrellas,purse umbrellas, small umbrellas, pocket umbrellas, stylish umbrellas. This is very popular with product for ladies and therefore we had once given the idea to the most popular Godrej colour Hair Dye Company to give one umbrella free with every packet of hair dye.
Garden Umbrellas

Garden Umbrella are the most preferably used promotional umbrellas for doing advertisement of company logo's,product,schemes,etc.It's a economical way of branding a product or a company. It is used as a alternative to big & expensive hoardings. Size is available in 36”, 40”, 42” & 48” in radius. These umbrellas are commonly known as Road Umbrellas, Beach Umbrellas, Station Umbrellas, Vendor Umbrellas, Display Umbrellas, and Shade Umbrellas.
Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are umbrellas used largely by golfers also it is used for escorting purpose in hotels, restaurants and offices. Escort umbrella,it is also known as Security Umbrella,29” golf umbrella, promotional golf umbrellas, promotional golf umbrellas, straight umbrella, big size rainy umbrellas, hotels umbrellas, couple umbrellas, family umbrellas. It is a very sturdy umbrella used at hotels, resorts where there is heavy winds. It is available in 27”,29” in straight as well as foldable (2 fold ) style. It is available in manual opening as well as auto opening style.
Wooden Umbrellas

Wooden umbrellas are the most stylish umbrellas. The shaft and the handle is of wooden material & the ribs are of high quality metal. These are commonly known as wooden umbrellas,British umbrellas,straight wooden umbrellas,stylish umbrellas,fancy umbrellas,car umbrellas or high quality gifting umbrellas. The size available is 23” & is available in polyester,pongee and nylon cloth. This is an popular umbrella used to be gifted as staff umbrellas by company's to their staff during rainy seasons.
Non-Drip Cover Umbrellas

This is an innovative umbrella specially designed to avoid water dripping after the use of umbrella in rains. These is an extra attachment on the top of plastic cone type which slides down & covers the umbrella after closed & use. This helps in avoiding the surrounding getting wet. This is commonly known as Kargil Umbrella,Non-Drip Cover Umbrella,Protective Cover Umbrella, 23” Metal Frame Umbrella,Straight Umbrella. The shaft and ribs used are of high quality metal. The handle can be used of “ J “ shape as well as straight handle.
Piano Umbrellas / Rope Umbrellas

These umbrellas are most commonly known as “ Piano Umbrella / Rope Umbrella”. These are the traditional straight umbrellas used formerly.To modernise them there is a rope (lace) type handle used which connects the top of umbrella to the base of handle. This rope is used as a strap to hang the closed umbrella on the shoulder. These are therefore known as shoulder carry umbrellas or rope umbrellas. It is a very popular product for students and is called as a college umbrellas. It is available 23” size.
Square Umbrellas

Today's world people require something different from the reguler product. Similarly in umbrellas to change the look of the regular round umbrellas,we have developed this square shape “Square Umbrella”. This gives a new different look to the umbrella. It can be made in wooden and metal straight umbrella frames. It is made in 2 style,one is stichless square umbrella shape and the other is 8 panel square umbrella shape. It looks different and therefore is a popular “ promotional umbrella” or “corporate gifting umbrella” product.
Kids Umbrellas

The name itself gives the puypore of this kids umbrella. It is available in colourful cloths,with cartoon prints,carry catches logo's Warner Bros , Walt Disney,etc. Character prints or screen printed logi's on the umbrellas. It is also known as “ toy Umbrellas” . The trade names “ Children Umbrella” or 17” Piano Umbrella/19” Piano Umbrella. This are widely used as promotional gift umbrella for companies like Nestle, Mc Donalds, Cadbury,Camlin and kids products for manufacturing related companies.We have given a slogan for this umbrella as “ a Gift for someone you Love”.
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